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The Shoalhaven PC Users Group is a group of IT enthusiasts who meet regularly to review and discuss Computers, Tablets, iPads, iPhones and related issues. Our meetings are a mixture of hardware and software demonstrations (we are always looking for someone to demonstrate new technology) and problem solving. Any club member or guest can pose a problem that we will endeavour to solve, and of course there is a significant social aspect. Our aim is to promote awareness and understanding of IT  technology, throughout the community, with particular emphasis on novice users.

Meeting at Bomaderry Bowling Club15th December 2017

The next thing on the calendar is Christmas. After the sterling performances given by Lyall and Norm the last couple of years I asked him if he had anything planned. No; he’s been too busy and expressed the view that I might think of something entertaining. I asked about tar and feathers and much to my surprise he thought that was a great idea! Perhaps we should be concerned about Norm’s state of mind. I can’t imagine myself being so bored as to think I’d be entertained by a tar and feather job!. Maybe he was just joking! I’m sure Merle wouldn’t welcome trying to get the tar out of his clothes! But seriously, Christmas is always dress up time and after the previous appearance of Dracular and a pregnant Carmelite Nun I am looking forward to what our imaginative members come up with. And for Heaven’s sake I hope someone remembers to bring a pump to reinflate David Wastie’s Santa Klaus costume. Of course too we’ll need a platter of finger food from anyone who’s likely to feel peckish.

I got a call the other day from the Old Man of the Sea who said he’d be a little late for the meeting as he is piloting a river trip beforehand. Much to my surprise he said he’d be come dressed as a “Normal” person. But he did mutter something about makeup. Maybe he meant greasepaint as in clowning around. Perhaps though in the interest of the new social paradigm for equality he did mean makeup!. I hope we are not entering an era where men wear dresses too! A bit worrying too, he’s going to press gang some unsuspecting people into a role play. I for one am not keen on that idea; it’s too open ended. I guess I’ll just have to wait and see what transpires so I’ll be there and not just because I’ve been instructed to bring my camera.

SUNSIG Meeting

We meet on the third Sunday of the month at 12 Midday. This coming Sunday I have to tender an apology. My youngest sister from Melbourne is having a 70th birthday party in the highlands and all the family will be there. Don't forget the usual Christmas luncheon downstairs.
We don't  have anything specifically planned after that but bring your laptop /tablet as usual.  If you need help with anything, there is sure to be someone available who has had some relevant experience and who is only too willing to help.  Otherwise just come for a coffee and a chat.…


Our membership year runs from January. Use the following link. Full membership. 

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